5 Planning to meet and manage learning needs

Resource & Reflective Tasks 
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Take a moment to consider any headings that you would regard as specifically aimed at PBCF and make a note of them.
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Reference where opportunities could be developed for the benefit of building effective learning relationships.
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Consider the learning environment that you are responsible for and list those features that support PBCF
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Select a topic you are about to deliver and consider the four needs.
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Consider the options below and tick those you think should be included in your definition of learning and teaching.
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In one of your lessons, keep a record of the number of praise- related comments you make to your pupils and also the number of times you criticise them or miss an opportunity to offer them praise.
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Think of a learning challenge you have faced where you were out of your comfort zone or anxious.
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For each of the following, which aspects of PBCF could be promoted by your communications and how?