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Seasoned teacher or new to the profession teaching is a “full on” job and can leave you tired, if not exhausted at times, meaning you can find yourself on the treadmill that is preparation, teaching, assessment, and reporting all too easily if you do not take time for yourself. You may feel that there is no option but to work harder and longer in order to get it all done. If this is you then it's time to think about coaching and mentoring

Course Evaluation

Here is what one personhad to said about coaching.

“When my Deputy Head announced that I was to work with Kevin, I was sceptical to say the least. What he had to say was great, in theory, but I never imagined that it would work in practice. I guess, that not believing that my current situation could be resolved by anything, other than me resigning from my post, made it more difficult for me to try out the strategies. Initially, they didn’t work. And they won’t, unless you change attitude. ‘It is not what you do, but how you do it that makes the difference.’

 Thanks to Kevin’s coaching, ten months down the line, I have a different approach to teaching. I work smarter, and when I started to believe in the strategies, and wanted them to work, they did, to my surprise. It felt good. All of a sudden, I got respect. I learnt that it was ok to say no; that I had a right to be heard and that not everything requires 100% effort. Most importantly, I started to respect myself, and my own time. It is about balance. It is about ‘What’s best for me?’ I have begun to change my work/life ratio, and am still working on it.  More to the point, I have discovered that I like it when I am not working; as in itself, it isn’t the only thing that defines who I am.

I am thrilled that I gave the coaching a chance, and am grateful for the new perspective that I now have of teaching.


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Download a leaflet about the coaching and mentoring model from ace-d

Coaching and Mentoring service description

This model is based on recognised coaching principles and the standards for teachers in the UK and it supports personal and professional development. The model is designed to cater for a range of teaching situations including:

  •  Newly qualified teachers or teachers taking up their first appointment 
  • Teachers with some experience who wish to or who have taken on a new challenge 
  • Teachers who have recently gained a promotion or taken on a new responsibility 
  • Teachers facing particular challenges e.g time or lesson management

How the model works
An initial interview takes place to identify the reasons for and the scope of the sessions and to see if there is a suitable pairing between ace-d and the client. After this meeting a programme of five meetings is agreed and scheduled in line with the aims and time scale of the contract. 

A mentoring relationship relies on the experience of the mentor in guiding and advising the client. The focus is on helping the mentee to develop their career, skills and expertise. Ace-d is able to work with teachers up to headship positions.

A confidential working relationship is essential to a successful partnership and it is expected that all discussions, documentation and personal decisions will be treat in a confidential manner by both parties at all times.


Advantages of ace-d as a coach or mentor

  • impartial advice and guidence 
  • easier access and flexible availablity to suit you
  • security of appointment time
  • no risk of internal relationship issues 
  • ability to hold web calls helping to record actions and share resources


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