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About this book

This book argues that by focusing on building effective learning relationships with your pupils, everything else will fall into place. It can be the basis for positive behaviour management, stress reduction, student engagement and pupil progress. 

This is a straight talking, practical, thought provoking and insightful look into the challenges of being the best teacher you can be. 

Suitable for whatever stage you are at in your career, and whatever age group you teach, this book proposes a narrative that can work alongside the ever-increasing range of educational initiatives to which teachers are exposed.

Chapter links and support materials

Within each chapter of the book are Reflective Tasks and Reflective Task Reviews. You will find copies of the task, by visiting the relevant chapter.  These can then be downloaded and printed.  The task prompts or pro-formas used in the book can also be printed, to use time and time again. 

To make your research a little easier any further reading links or websites will be available here too. 

As new ideas develop or new resources become available or known to me (either through my own work or by readers of the book) I will endeavour to include them here. It is my hope that through feedforward we can grow a community, sharing ideas and resources focused around the central theme of this book - If you can't reach them you can't teach them! 

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