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Learning Intelligence "LQ"

Learning Intelligence, or Learning Quotient ( LQ for short), is the recognition of how a learner manages their learning environment to meet their learning needs. LQ is the cornerstone of the work at ace-d and has influenced both the approach and materials used when working with teachers and learners.

Learning needs is not the same as learning styles although one may influence the other. Let me give you an example. Imagine you are thirsty, you need a drink. You may prefer to drink tea over fruit juice or drink form a cup rather than a mug, whatever your style is. If neither tea or fruit juice, a mug or a cup were available you would still have the need to have a drink.

 Now ask yourself how would you satisfy the need to drink without your preferences being available.  Perhaps you would make a compromise, perhaps use an element of creativity and find a solution, perhaps you would manage to go without for a little longer or maybe you would just complain.

Understanding our learning needs and finding ways of satisfying them is a key requirement in learning. We are fortunate if our teachers or schools meet our learning needs but what if they do not, what then? 

There is far more to LQ than can be discussed here. If you want to explore LQ in more depth then please visit the blog mainatained by ace-d. You will find it at and there are links to key posts below. 

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Learning Quotient an Introduction

LQ and Lesson Planning

Learning Intelligence and the Challenge to Education

Sixth LQ Review What LQ Means for the Teacher

LQ and the Link to Self

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CPD course - Developing LQ in Learners

Learning Intelligence

The ability to manage your learning environment to meet your learning needs.

LQ and the Teacher

It is vital that the teacher is aware of LQ as a concept and how it impacts on the learner's behaviour, attitudes to learning and their approach to meeting their learning needs.

LQ consists of a number of skills, attributes, attitudes and behaviours all of which can be developed or influenced.  This influence can come from the teacher but the power of LQ is when it is in the hands of the learner and they take responsibility of their learning and managing the learning environment to meet their needs. 

Building LQ into your teaching startes with developing your awareness of LQ. For example it does not requires any special resources or adapting your planning to cater for different learning styles.  You will have to explore your motivation for the way you teach however and ask the question:

 "Am I creating a learning environment that allows learners to meet their own learning needs?" 

As long as you are willing to include the following you will have little difficluty:

  • a discussion about learning and the link between effort and success and 
  • that what we believe about oursleves as learners comes from our experiences within the learning environment as much as any abilities we think we have.


 Developing LQ in Learners  See the link for details about the course for teachers


LQ and the Learner

Learning by definition means a new experience. It involves recognising relationships, understanding concepts, creating new ideas and acquiring insights.  Our experiences influence and colour how we feel and react to the situations we find ourselves in.  I believe it is true to say that our learning experiences, and not just those at school, affect how we see ourselves as learners.

The analogy I use is that of a map, what I call a “learning map” which, from the very moment we are able to discern our surroundings, we begin to draw.  What is on that map and how we perceive those things has an impact on us as learners. A mountain by some is seen as a barrier and to others a vantage point.  Blocked off roads become no go areas or an obstacle to get around depending on how we see ourselves as learners. You can see a graphic representation of this analogy developed into a Learning Highway Code here.

If our learning map is a representation of our learning experiences then in order to overcome limitations and extend it we need a way of managing and understanding our experiences as learners.  

The challenge is to redraw our learning map and my way of doing that is to develop our Learning Intelligence.

Learner Workshop

It is possible to arrange a workshop for up to 15 pupils at a time in which they are exposed to the idea of LQ and shown how it impacts learning. The workshop will also include strategies to overcome learning environment limitations. Please contact ace-d if you wish to explore this option. 


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